About Our Company

미래비전-1Founded in 1994, Poskom designs and manufactures highest quality of diagnostic x-ray systems, x-ray generators and power supplies for medical and telecommunication industry. With higher than 70% of domestic market shares, we supply customized generators and x-ray modules to major Korean and international manufacturers.            Poskom portable x-ray units keep top brand in the world market and loved by many medical doctors and veterinarians.

Our Skills on…

  • X-ray generator
  • Portable X-ray
  • Customization service

Our Technology

Our quality products are principally based on our world class HFG technology. We have invested large portion of sales profits to R&D section and committed to build high level of medical imaging technology.
As a result of consistent effort and strict quality management, our X-ray systems and generators have acquired authorized international certifications.

Our Mission

We pursue higher level of patient service and improving their quality of life by providing superior imaging products and solutions.
The valuable experience we have accumulated regarding high frequency technology and x-ray production helped us to provide customers with good competitive advantage and business benefits.

Our Vision

We are building strong sales and service networks with our local representatives in order to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements.
Our next goal is to create most reliable and compatible business partnership throughout global alliance for OEM distribution and higher technological advance. Global leader in X-ray, POSKOM

Contributes to the society by providing
high quality imaging products to the healthcares and enhancing competitive advantage
for business partners.

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